Asset Finance

Asset Finance

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Asset finance is increasingly distributed by brokers as we are able to use our independence to gain customers favourable terms.

Stirling Partners Finance can help you identify which providers may be right for each asset type, help you prepare your presentation and negotiate attractive terms. We will even hope to be successful if you have previously been turned down.

If you are a frequent user of asset finance we will help take away the strain of constant form filling without losing the ability to use more than one finance provider. This is particularly important when one financer cannot meet all your needs.

How can asset finance help?

Asset finance can be used in a number of situations including;

  • Spreading payments over the life of the machine, vehicle or equipment.
  • Freeing up capital for other purposes
  • Increasing cash flow
  • Funding part of a share purchase exercise as part of a wider strategy.

How does vendor finance help?

If your company is selling machines, vehicles or equipment then vendor finance can help provide the following.

  • Provides your customers with an easy way to finance their purchase of your product
  • Provides your company with an additional revenue stream
  • Increases your control over the sales process
  • Extends your relationship with the customer

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