Development Finance


  • Rates from 5% above base
  • Loans from £1m and above
  • 100% funding possible
  • Mezzanine finance available
  • Commercial and residential properties funded
  • Independent whole of market advice


Our service

Stirling Partners Finance is a commercial mortgage brokerage with property development specialists who will work with you from start to finish on funding your project.

In a market where more developers are chasing less capital, the quality of your presentation to lenders is more important than ever. We can help you to present yourselves in a format that will make it more likely that lenders will support your project.

Presenting your application to lenders

We make sure that we understand your project before we present it to anybody. This is important because a badly presented application can do considerable damage. We therefore make sure that we know which lenders a case fits and that the application is properly presented when we send it to them. Lenders in turn appreciate that we have made the effort to make their job easier and, as a result, your application enjoys a positive start.

Whether you are refurbishing a single property or creating a large commercial development, there are four key areas that lenders will have to understand. We will help you communicate these clearly and effectively.

  1. The logic of the deal – If it makes sense to do a development there will normally be a finance solution available. A logical deal is one where the developer makes a sensible margin on the work they do, either in the shape of profit for resale or retained equity for refinance.
  2. Property type and location – A lender will want to know that a property they are financing is in good demand and can be resold easily.
  3. Client status – Whether you are borrowing as a company or an individual, a lender will normally want to know your financial status and circumstances.
  4. Experience – The more experience you can demonstrate in successfully developing similar projects, the easier funding will be to achieve.


Contact us

To speak to a development finance specialist, call 020 7580 1555 or use our contact form.