Factoring / Invoice Discounting


What is our Service?

  • To help you identify if factoring/invoice discounting is a good solution for what you are trying to achieve.
  • To establish which type of factoring/invoice discounting would suit the culture of your business and your relationship with your clients.
  • To establish which provider best suits your objectives taking into account service, criteria and charges.

Factoring or Invoice Discounting?

The major difference regards who is responsible for chasing the sales ledger. Sometimes a client will prefer the factoring provider to do the chasing so that in effect they become an outsourced accounts department and sometimes they will prefer to do it themselves.

Factoring: The factoring provider collects money directly from clients.

Invoice Discounting: Here it is left to the company to collect the money directly from their own clients.

Confidential Factoring: This is a kind of half-way house between the above two arrangements. This is where the factoring company collects payments on behalf of the customer but acts in their name.

Who needs Factoring and Invoice Discounting?

Examples include:

  • Any business size from a start up to a blue chip PLC.
  • Any business that wishes to improve their cash flow.
  • Individuals looking to raise share capital.
  • Organisations that need working capital.
  • Businesses that are wasting resources continually chasing monies owed.
  • Businesses that prefer to outsource the part of their accounts function that deals with invoices and collection of monies owed.

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