Trade Finance

Trade Finance

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What is Trade Finance?

It is a generic term to describe the detailed procedures that facilitate the financing of trade between importers and exporters from different countries.

In simple terms an exporter could have problems if they send goods to another land before they are assured payment and an importer could be left equally exposed if they pay upfront cash for goods that have not been made or delivered. Trade finance is a like a set of rules that can help arbitrate that duality of risk.

What are the benefits of Trade Finance?

They include:

  • Improved cashflow and balance sheet by using various financial mechanisms
  • Security of using tried and trusted procedures
  • A disciplined balance between the interests of the exporter and the importer
  • Control and flexibility of using established financial instruments that can be tailored to your business requirements

Who Needs Trade Finance?

These could include companies:

  • Heavily involved in importing or exporting goods.
  • That cannot or do not want to pay cash in advance for shipments.
  • That wish to buy from trading parties who insist on letters of credit.
  • Involved in international trade whose growth is being restricted by cash flow.

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