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Structuring the deal correctly

In addition to bridging finance, our experts understand and are qualified in commercial, buy to let, equity release and residential finance. This is important because you will be seeking the optimum way of financing your project and sometimes bridging finance may not be the whole solution.

Why it is important to structure the deal correctly

Clients consider using bridging finance when they believe that more conventional finance is not immediately appropriate. Because bridging loans are generally more expensive than conventional finance it is important to plan it correctly so that it is only used where absolutely necessary.

This takes forward planning and often involves taking a look at the client’s wider resources.

Perhaps the most important aspect of structuring a deal is planning the exit. Not only is this important for optimising client costs but it is also important for the bridging loan provider to know that their finance can be successfully exited.

Getting best terms

We are a whole of market broker giving you access to all competitive lending.

Achieving best terms is as much about understanding your requirements and presenting them correctly to lenders, as it about knowing the best current rates.

How Stirling negotiates the best terms for a client

By having a detailed understanding of a client’s financial position and objectives, we are able to optimise the shape of deal and achieve best terms.

We do this by finding the most suitable lending solutions and presenting the client’s application in a way that satisfies a lender’s procedures and attitudes to risk. By planning this process in advance, the case stays successfully on-track from start to finish.

Working within tight deadlines

When arranging bridging finance, it is often necessary to meet tight exchange or completion deadlines. In order to achieve this, we have to think through the deal from start to finish in a logical manner to identify potential delays. It is also important that we have strong relationships with lenders to ensure a positive outcome.

How we meet your bridging deadline

We will plan with you how meeting your deadline can be achieved with the maximum financial protection. This involves discussions about when to make an offer, when to go to valuation, when to instruct solicitors and when to exchange contracts.

It is important to make sure that the chosen lender, valuers and solicitors are also equally aware of what we are trying to achieve and are on-board to achieve it. We will work proactively with you to coordinate this.

Case studies – Bridging Loans

Loan amount: £6.4mStudent Accommodation
London, UK

Family trust looking to purchase student accommodation in Central London within a limited period.  Deal structured in three components. Part of property placed on separate lease and sold as an office. The balance secured on swift commercial finance and backed up by bridging finance secured as a second charge against a main residence.

Loan amount: £450k
London, UK

Client wished to consider several HMO properties at auction and we in the first instance helped him identify which properties would work and which would definitely be problematic because of unresolved planning issues.

He asked for bridging finance with a view to refinancing later onto commercial finance. After doing some research and talking in detail to our lending partners we advised that it would be possible to avoid bridging altogether and instead swiftly arrange commercial finance thereby saving the client significant costs. This was unusual but shows the benefit of careful consideration of how a deal should be structured.

Loan amount: £1.2m
Oxford, UK

Client building luxury new build house. Initially thought he would need development finance. However, his finances improved and he managed to build most of property with his own cash. Stirling initially arranged him development finance but when his circumstances improved we advised that it was more cost-effective to complete using first charge bridging finance, which we subsequently arranged.

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